Broadview Place   Centre for Arts, Faith and Education

Broadview Place was established in 2013 by Marina Stefanovic - prominent Lawyer, Real Estate Investor and Philanthropist - and Alexandre Alexandrov- seasoned Musician, Composer and Educator. The Centre  is located in one of the Historic Architectural Landmarks created by E. J.Lennox, who was responsible for the design of Cassa Loma. When the Church building went for sale Marina saw the potential of this architectural beauty and purchassed the building with the nobel intention to allow the Broadview Faith Temple to continue their worship service there and to open the doors of the Centre to the public for Music, Dance and Educational services.  Both - Marina and Alexandre - were happy to find enthusiastic co - creators of the new cultural endeavor in the names of Marshall and Ouida Pihulyk - Pastors at the existing Church.  The newly formed team is united by the common goal - providing excellence in serving our Community.